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coloring unicorn

Cloudy skies linger above Fantasia. Down below the Unicorns are wandering about aimlessly.

It’s been three days since they saw the sun, and even more importantly a rainbow. Without a rainbow, there is no way that they can travel through the sky to find help since Unicorns can only walk on rainbows.

Inside the Library, the Rainbow Coloured Unicorn have been searching through all the books endlessly to try and find an answer to the problem. Where did the sun and rainbows go? And when will they return?

Just then he finally found the answer in a dusty brown paperback book. The only way that the sun and rainbows will return is if the Unicorns and Dragons stop fighting and become friends again.

Will you color along with the Unicorns and show them how to be friends with the Dragons again? Remember, Fantasia, and all its beautiful creatures are counting on you.

Download coloring unicorn with image resolution of 1200x848 which has file size of 193 KB. You can download it in your computer by clicking "Download" button and also take a "Print" of the image.

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